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Thanks for contacting Whisker Seeker Tackle and showing interest in our products.

Whisker Seeker Tackle is focused on providing quality and innovative products to catfish anglers. We have multiple "Pro Staff" anglers that we sponsor. These are tournament anglers, guides, and influencers. We also support numerous catfish tournaments and community fishing events as well. We fully believe in supporting this aspect of the sport, not only to help grow the Whisker Seeker name but to give back to the catfishing community that supports us and uses our products.

At this time our pro staff positions are full but please forward your fishing resume and media kit to our attention so we can keep them on file.  We'll certainly keep you in consideration when a new position opens up within our team.

We're looking for conservation-minded catfish anglers that represent themselves and Whisker Seeker Tackle in a professional manner that are truly ambassadors of the Whisker Seeker Tackle brand. This is a standard selection process typically followed by any company in the fishing industry. We're looking for people that are loyal to the brand and actively using and promoting Whisker Seeker Tackle products on social media, at tournaments and to other anglers in general so the more you're using and promoting our products, tagging Whisker Seeker Tackle in social media posts, reviewing products on our website, submitting photos and being a Whisker Seeker Tackle brand ambassador the more likely you'll get our attention in the next review for pro-staff positions. Simply put, we'll be supporting anglers that support Whisker Seeker Tackle.

Please forward all information to with the subject line: "WST Pro Staff Inquiry".

All Pro-Staff inquiries must be accompanied by a fishing resume and/or media kit.


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